AC, a South Carolina native, who was on a strict toddler diet of .. wait for it.. wait for it.. green beans and oatmeal [ yes, her mother confirms.. she came out the womb asking for oatmeal] is all grown up now, and basically, the very same! Only now, she craves the gluten free option of her steamy oats. After college, AC migrated to NYC where she became a fashion publicist and writer for the majority of her career. Bib.On was born in 2012 as a passion project. She began as a wholesome food blog & delivered pre-made meals to her friends by pedaling up and down Manhattan on her green 1970 Raleigh that she obviously would name Olive. As the marshland of South Carolina was calling her name, AC came back in 2016 to start Bib.On bakery. She lives to provide clean, healthy, non-harming baked goods to those out there who too have a continual hankering for ... S W E E T S!


"It's a beautiful thing to see my lifestyle align with my food creations. It's a reflection of what I want the brand to be .. simple, pure, clean, and crave worthy."