VANILLA CINNAMON // these speckled beauties immediately became the breakout hit of bib.on! doughy, supple and magical!    

BLUEBERRY + LEMON // introduced in Summer 2016 ... these seasonal donuts have had a BERRY large following!

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE // nothing SHORT about this flavor! Local organic strawberries are in every bite! 

PEACH // life's a peach! 'bout time we kick back and take a bite! this local PEACH donut // baked at the BEACH ... is like eating a vacation!

BIRTHDAY CAKE // fact: confetti donuts have more nutritional value than regular donuts! not to mention the same excitement factor that you get with streamers and balloons!

ROSEWATER + EARL GREY // tea anyone? this herbal treat is perfect to have around .. especially when there's an impromptu visit from the queen! pinky's up!!

LAVENDER + BERRY //  calming with a dash of surprise. made with dried local lavender turn out to be BERRY berry yummy!

*bib.on donuts are 100% made free of soy, egg, dairy, nuts and gluten.

* bib.on donuts are 100% made with L O V E.

* bib.on donuts have potato starch in all donuts // use cornstarch in icings.

* bib.on donuts are made in a kitchen where soy, egg, dairy, nuts and gluten may be processed.